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So much more than a training platform. You got this.

Create and deliver content, track learner progress, measure success, effectively onboard, and automate administrative tasks – all on a single platform.

No other LMS makes employee training this easy

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Apax Learn LMS is perfect for all training scenarios

Join the thousands of people worldwide who have transformed their businesses with iSpring Learn LMS


and onboarding


3 reasons why you need iSpring Learn LMS for your employee training

There are many more. But we know you’re on a tight schedule.

Reason #1

Engaged learners are successful employees

When learners interact with engaging content, there’s no limit to what they can achieve. Our platform provides an accessible and effective professional development environment that will encourage and inspire your employees to be their best selves.

Captivating content that will boost your completion rates

Create interactive courses, assessments, role-plays, video lessons, and longreads with 89,000+ ready-made beautiful templates and images. No tech skills required!

Online meets in-person training for higher knowledge retention

Get the best of both worlds with a platform that blends in-person and online learning. Notify learners of live events and track attendance. Utilize online resources during in-person sessions. Assign knowledge checks to measure training effectiveness.

Effective training through social learning

A newsfeed with reactions. Feedback on courses. Chats with trainers. Points, badges, certificates, and leaderboards. Social learning is an essential part of an engaging learning environment.

Let your learners take trainings when it works for them

On a plane, on a train, or in between meetings — iSpring Learn’s mobile app makes training content available anytime, anywhere — even offline.

Reason #2

It’s like having an assistant. That doesn’t take breaks

Provides a friendly orientation for new learners

Learners get a quick tutorial on how to use the platform and dive into the onboarding process.

Takes admin tasks off your hands

Learners get a quick tutorial on how to use the platform and dive into the onboarding process.

Scores assignments

No need to check tests and quizzes manually – iSpring Learn will do this for you.

Keeps in touch with HR

The platform integrates with your HR system and adds, deletes, and updates users automatically.

Reason #3

No guesswork. Improve your trainings with real data

Our LMS data and analytics will track learner progress and give you insight into training
effectiveness so you can make adjustments that most benefit your learners.

Detailed reports that update in real-time.

Department reports for supervisors.

Oh, and did we mention our intuitive and beautiful UI?

60,000+ clients worldwide are transforming and scaling their business with Apax

Is Apax Learn right for you? Let’s find out together

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Pricing plans that fit your budget

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500 users


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billed annually

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Creating and delivering quality trainings is just the beginning

Even more tools to help your business thrive and scale.

Interactive organizational chart

Connect names, faces and roles in our easy to navigate, interactive organizational chart. Great for new hires getting to know their coworkers and managers assembling new, all star teams.

Knowledge base

Accumulate and preserve your organization’s institutional knowledge over time so nothing falls through the cracks as employees come and go. House all online trainings, performance support content and other essential resources in a single user friendly place.

360-degree performance appraisal module

Identify and measure the competencies of your team members quickly and easily with our fully automated online assessment tool.

24/7 customer support

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