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iSpring Learn LMS Integrations

Make iSpring Learn LMS a part of your corporate ecosystem with out-of-the-boxintegrations, open API, and single sign-on.

Integration viaREST/SOAP API

Single sign-on(SSO)

Web meetingsintegration (Zoom)


An application programming interface (API) lets you seamlessly integrate iSpring Learn LMS with your HR system, corporate portal, ERP system, and other systems used by your back office. An API provides access to most iSpring Learn features, including user identification and management of users, organizations, content, and accounts. Detailed help docs on REST and SOAP API will save your developers precious time.

Single sign-on (SSO)

With single sign-on, your employees won’t have to constantly type their LMS password. If they’re signed on your corporate website or email server, iSpring Learn authenticates them automatically. No need to enter their details again! For example, you can integrate iSpring Learn with AZURE AD and Active Directory.




Web meetings integration (Zoom)

Seamless integration with Zoom meetings allows you to furnish high-quality live meetings for your learners with HD audio and video, chat, and screen sharing. Your employees can join the sessions from any device and watch the meeting recording later if they can’t attend or wish to review. iSpring Learn automatically invites employees and notifies them about the meeting. Plus, you will get a detailed report and see who attended the meeting and how much time they spent.

Want to set up LMS integration?

Tell us more about your project and the systems your company uses,and we’ll be happy to assist you with LMS integration.