Apax Learning

Help channel partners grow your business

Provide consistent channel training to your partners with Apax Learn LMS. Increase your resellers’ engagement and make them pros at selling and serving customers in record time.

Empower your partners with
online training

Create a unified training program


Develop a single program and assign it to your channel partners from all over the world

Make the program accessible 24/7


Let your partners view learning materials whenever they need to from desktop or mobile.

Control learner retention


Track your channel partners’ results and ensure they have enough knowledge to drive sales.

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Enhance your company’s network


Onboard, certify, and educate your channel partners on how best to
market, sell, and support your products.

Brand training

Turn your partners into brand ambassadors by providing insights into your company, including your corporate values

Product knowledge training

Give your partners a thorough understanding of your products, including features, benefits, and potential applications.

Compliance training

Ensure support of your company’s internal compliance requirements and deliver safety and security training

Sales training

Arm your partners with the right knowledge on how to communicate with customers and sell your products more effectively

Drive your business results

Higher revenue

Partners are more able to make major deals if they have in-depth product knowledge and advanced sales and communication skills.

Minimized training costs

Online channel training saves your company money: no more travel or accommodation costs or instructor expenses.

Increased partner retention

When you properly welcome your partners on board, you’re more likely to build strong relationships with them and make your reps more result-oriented.

Success stories

See how companies all over the world use iSpring to train channel partners.



  • We are now training employees at 320 pizza stores across the globe online.
  • All our partners work to one corporate standard.
  • We can assess the knowledge of channel partners from different regions at the same time.

“With iSpring, we’ve systematized knowledge — now we train all our partners on the same program. All the learning materials are accessible 24/7, and the training doesn’t take much time. But the most important thing is that iSpring helped us conquer the geography — we can train partners from different countries at the same time.”


  • We’ve cut down training costs per employee 20-fold.
  • 700 salespeople work to one corporate standard.
  • We’ve reduced the new-hire adaptation period from 2 months to 2 weeks.

“We were looking for software that would help us get results in a short time. iSpring did a good job. What I find really great is that iSpring Learn has a trial period. You can give it a free test drive and make an informed purchasing decision.”

Upgrade your channel partner training with iSpring Learn

Apax Learn allows you to easily train thousands of partners working at multiplelocations in multiple roles for multiple employers.

Easy start

The learning platform is easy to use for both trainees and trainers, so you can start online learning in just one day.

Learning on the go

With the free iSpring mobile app, your partners can view learning content wherever they are, even offline.

Fast course creation

The LMS has an integrated authoring tool that allows you to create engaging new courses with minimal effort.

Training for multiple teams

You can assign learners by groups and organizations to streamline the training of various departments within a company.

Robust certification engine

You can accredit your retailers and accelerate the training process by issuing certificates for completed courses.

Expert tech support

The iSpring tech support team is available by phone, email, and live chat. Over 80% of issues are resolved in minutes.

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