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iSpring LMS for microlearning

Ultimate platform for launching microlearning in one day


Deliver your online training program in bite-sized pieces to engage your employees and help them hit training goals faster.

Why go for microcourses?

Microcourses are short pieces of content that are super easy to digest and rich in value and benefits for learners. Microcourses in an LMS make learning stick and empower your employees to apply new knowledge and skills right away.

Craft microlearning courses in record time

You can create training content in a jiffy from your existing materials: videos, slides, articles, and how-tos. Or quickly build something creative with iSpring’s superb authoring toolkit.

Video lectures

Dialog simulations

Quizzes and surveys

Deliver training to your employees

Share your microlearning courses with employees in just a few clicks. With the mobile app, they can get a smooth learning experience anywhere, on any device. Plus, iSpring Learn will automatically notify them about new courses and due dates.

Go mobile

Deliver courses to any device and platform

Targeted training

Adapt learning programs to specific groups of employees

Online and offline

Empower employees to take courses even when offline

Full automation

Notify users about deadlines and new courses

Inspire your
employees to grow

Leverage gamification so that learners can be engaged in friendly competition and gain a sense of accomplishment. Award points, badges, and certificates for your microlearning courses to motivate employees and increase completion rates.




Why People Choose iSpring Learn LMS

Unrivaled ease

Start a microlearning program and track results in just 1 day — without headaches, fine-tuning complex settings, or involving IT staff.

Unlimited storage space

No more concerns about limitations! You don’t have to pay extra to unlock more GBs of space or decrease video quality to reduce course file size.

Mobile learning

Provide employees with a great learning experience on whatever device they use, even if they don't have an internet connection.

Dedicated tech support

Whatever issue may arise, you can always rely on our passionate support team members who are ready to assist you via phone, email, or chat.

Course creation toolkit

Build engaging microlearning lessons with quizzes, interactions, and videos with a powerful toolkit that can be bundled with the LMS and provides seamless 1-click publishing.

Fair pricing

You get a full pack of LMS features and ongoing updates, whatever pricing plan you choose. Plus, you pay only for users who use the system.

Success stories from iSpring customers

Thousands of companies worldwide use iSpring to train employees online.

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