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Online compliance training software

Make compliance less of a headache by taking it online. Easily deliver and update training materials on your learning portal. The system will automate training and reporting to make sure your employees are always compliant.

The effective way to meet compliance obligations


Keep track of training processesfrom A to Z and make sure that everything goes as it should.


Run internal audits to flagpotential nonconformity before problems arise.


Get insights about your employees’ performance and identify risk groups that require closer attention.


Your compliance training
can be enhanced

Employee Compliance Training can be tough. Costs climb, employees roll their eyes when they hear the word “compliance,” and yet serious consequences loom for organizations that don’t get it right. All the more reason to bring training online.

of training

The cost of mistakes is too significant to rely on keeping countless sheets of papers in thick files. With iSpring Learn, you won’t lose any data about past training, because everything is documented.


iSpring Learn will take care of all those tedious, yet extremely important routines. It will remind everyone of upcoming events, send out invitations, and issue certificates.


The era of countless lists, endless sorting, printing, and distributing papers to mailboxes has come to an end. Trees are saved. So is your time.


Just run a quick report and you’ll see live session data, e.g., how much time your employees spend learning, and who needs training as soon as possible. You can also troubleshoot the effectiveness of your training by pinpointing bottlenecks in the information flow.


True compliance is achieved not by studying, but in the workflow of the real world. iSpring Learn, with its mobile app, helps you guide and retrain employees whenever and wherever they need it.


Activities provide a more engaging experience than overhead projectors and box-checking exams, especially for subject matter that can be dry (like compliance). Gamification turns routine chores into friendly competition among employees.


Online training reduces organizational expenses for both learners and trainers. Once a course is created and uploaded to the system, you can reuse it to train new staff as many times as you need without any extra cost.

Easy delivery

With training moved online, there’s no need to worry about the schedules and logistics of either students or trainers. The virtual class is in session 24/7, available from anywhere, and learners appreciate being able to consume content when it best fits into their lifestyle.

See how Apax Learn is helping companies get compliant

Safer corporate environment. Better
work climate. Just a few clicks.

No need to deploy or install anything. Simply click Sign Up, do a bit of initial configuration and—ta-da!—everything is working in less than a day with no IT resources required.

Do you already have learning content? Awesome! iSpring Learn recognizes most popular file formats and supports all eLearning industry standards (SCORM, xAPI, and cmi5). If you’re going to create the content, there’s iSpring Suite: a fully intеgrated authoring tool that is super easy to use and seamless enough to upload the content right to the LMS when it’s ready.

Add employees, divide them into learning groups, and assign courses. You can create a mass email campaign to invite all of them at once, send a link to a course to a certain person (or job classification), or make a course open for self-enrollment for everyone.

The system gathers detailed statistics and presents them in the form of comprehensive reports. It allows you to get any numbers you need in real time, monitor what’s going on in the system, and keep track of completion rates.

Why iSpring Learn is the perfect solution

Apax Learn provides a simple and effective solution not only to mark your employees as ‘compliant’ but to modify their behavior and improve the work climate as well.

Quick start

The learning platform is straightforward and easy to use, even for non-techies. Set up your online learning project in one day.

Easy authoring

The LMS has an integrated authoring tool that allows you to build engaging courses and publish them directly to the LMS.

Mobile learning

Your employees have the freedom to study when and where they want to, online or offline, with a free mobile app.

Unlimited storage space

There is no storage limit. You can upload as much learning content as you need without paying more.

Awesome support

Support experts are ready to help you with any product-related issue over the phone, by email, or on live chat.

Great price

Whichever pricing plan you choose, you will have all available features and get all system updates.

Success stories from iSpring customers

Check out how iSpring Learn helps our customers boost employee performance, save time and money, and streamline training and development in every branch or department.

iSpring Learn is a vibrant platform that provides all the technical features, including the ability to gamify and offer ‘rewards’. Learners can gauge their progress and feel success on their learning path.
Jill Brown
Quality Management Coordinator at Villa St. Vincent

iSpring has allowed us to quickly share knowledge across the wider university and annual refresher training is now being designed to embed the knowledge acquired and to also introduce any new policy or legislative changes as they emerge.
Stewart Milton Learning Facilitator at GCU

Trainers enjoy the new process as it gives them a way to provide students with something more. The way they had to teach was very hard: 8 hours of talking is a lot. Now they mix it up with iSpring-made content, and it’s a much better process.
Junellen Neese
Corporate Training Manager at HealthHelp

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