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Draw or edit a freeform shape

You can customize the look of a standard shape by using edit points in SmartTutor 360. Note: For information about connecting shapes with lines, see Draw or delete a line or connector. Draw a freeform shape On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click Shapes. Under Lines, do one of the following: To draw a shape that has both curved and straight […]

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Using SSML in Text to Speech

To enable SSML support, you must enclose your text-to-speech narration with a pair of <speak> tags. This tag is supported for cloud and standard voices. Once SSML support is enabled, the Insert Text-to-Speech window includes syntax highlighting so you can easily add tags and identify SSML-enhanced text. View Supported SSML Tags SSML tags work for all standard voices.

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Creating a Panning Effect

A panning effect lets you create movement and guide the learners’ focus to specific areas of the slide in succession. o create an animated panning effect, just add multiple Dynamic Zoom to a slide and make each one begin immediately after the previous one ends. Go to the Insert tab and click Dynamic Zoom. Size and position the dynamic

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Mastering Modern eLearning: 6 SCORM vs. xAPI Comparison

When it comes to eLearning, choosing between SCORM and xAPI is a big decision. SCORM is good for tracking learning in online courses, while xAPI can track various types of learning experiences, both online and offline. xAPI is more flexible, offers advanced data insights, and can even work offline. This guide will make it easier for you to decide which one is right for your eLearning needs.

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