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Split and Join Video, Audio

Being able to split clips is the foundation to great video editing. Discover more about removing unwanted sections and adding effects to specific moments to level up your videos.

Split Video or Audio

These three steps will easily accomplish this:

  1. Move the Current-Time Indicator to the part of the clip you want to split.
  2. Go to Format tab on the ribbon, click Split button to split video or audio into two separate objects

Join Multiple Videos or Audio

To join multiple videos/audio tracks into a single video/audio file, check out the below steps:

  1. Select all the videos/audio tracks that you want to merge. Remember to hold down CTRL while clicking to select multiple audio/videos.
  2. Go to Format tab on the ribbon, Click the Join Audio/Video . As a result, all the selected videos/audio tracks will merge based on ascending order of their start time. In other words, the audio/video with a smaller start time will play first in the combined audio/video. As can be seen, these red marks show where audio/videos join.


  • You cannot join videos with audio tracks. It’s just applicable to joining videos or audio tracks of the same type.
  • If audio/videos don’t have identical properties such as width, height, or resolution, the combined video will use all the first video properties that play. In other words, the output video will apply all the properties of the video having the smallest start time.

Extract Audio from Video

You are free to split the audio track from the original video with a single click. It’s helpful when you want to edit the video motions but not affect the audio or vice versa. To get it done, check out the below steps:

  1. Select video that you want to extract video
  2. Go to Format tab, click Extract Audio button. That way creates two different video and audio objects. You can edit each of them as normal.

That’s it. So, you’ve known all the simple steps to split and join video or audio in SmartTutor 360.

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