SmartTutor 360

Using Custom Templates

Templates are huge time savers. With one click, you can create an e-learning course with a custom design, placeholders, animations, and interactive objects. Just add your own text and media, and you’re ready to publish.

Creating Custom Templates

To create a reusable template:

  1. First, build a new SmartTutor project the way you want it to look and behave, or open an existing project.
  2. Then, go to the File tab on the SmartTutor ribbon and click Save As.
  3. Browse to the location where you want to save your template. Storyline will save a copy in the location you choose and another copy in your \Documents\SmartTutor360 Templates folder, which is where the SmartTutor library is stored.
  4. Give your template a recognizable name.
  5. Use the Save as type drop-down to choose SmartTutor 360 Template (*.tutortemplate).
  6. Click Save.

Using Custom Templates to Build a Course

To add a custom template to your SmartTutor project:

  1. First, do any of the following to open your template browser:
    • Go to the Home/Insert tab on the ribbon, click the New Slide drop-down arrow, and choose My Templates.
    • Go to the Slides tab on the ribbon and click My Templates.
    • In My Templates dialog, click the Template drop-down button to choose your favorite template. In addition, you can click the Refresh  button next to it to update this list.
    • Select one or more slides in the Slides section that you want to add to your project. If you want to add all of them, click the Select All button.
    • Click Insert Slide to finish.
  2. When the Insert Slides window appears, select a template from the Template drop-down in the upper left corner. In addition, you can click the Refresh  button next to it to update this list.
  3. If the template you selected has more than one slide, press Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click .to select the slides you want to add to your project. If you want to add all of them, click the Select All button.
  4. Click Insert to finish

Sharing Custom Templates

To share a custom template with other e-learning developers, just send them your *.tutortemplate file. All your *.tutortemplate files will be located in this folder:

\Documents\SmartTutor360 Templates

Recipients of a shared template need to import it into their SmartTutor360 template libraries. See the next section for instructions.

Importing Custom Templates

One way is to simply place the *.tutortemplate file in this folder on your computer: \Documents\SmartTutor360 Templates

The folder above is where your template library is stored. The next time you launch Storyline, you’ll see the new template in your library.  if you are working on a project. Click Refresh button to update your library.

Renaming and Deleting Custom Templates

To keep your custom templates organized, you may need to rename or delete them from time to time. Go to this folder on your computer:

\Documents\SmartTutor360 Templates

Simply rename or delete the *.tutortemplate files found in the folder above.