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Using SSML in Text to Speech

To enable SSML support, you must enclose your text-to-speech narration with a pair of <speak> tags. This tag is supported for cloud and standard voices. Once SSML support is enabled, the Insert Text-to-Speech window includes syntax highlighting so you can easily add tags and identify SSML-enhanced text.

View Supported SSML Tags

SSML tags work for all standard voices. However, neural voices have fewer tag options. For example, neural voices don’t support emphasizing words. The table below lists all available SSML tags and their supported voice(s).

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Action SSML Tag Supported Voice(s)
Add a Pause <break> Neural and standard voices
Emphasize words <emphasis> Standard voices
Place a Custom Tag in Your Text <mark name="tag_name"/> Neural and standard voices
Add a Pause Between Paragraphs <p> Neural and standard voices
Use Phonetic Pronunciation <phoneme> Neural and standard voices
Control Volume, Speaking Rate, and Pitch <prosody> Standard voices. However, neural voices can support the volume and speaking rate attributes.
Set a Maximum Duration for Synthesized Speech <prosody amazon:max-duration> Standard voices
Add a Pause Between Sentences <s> Neural and standard voices
Control How Special Types of Words Are Spoken <say-as> Except for the characters or spell-out attribute, this tag is supported by both neural and standard voices
Identify SSML-Enhanced Text <speak> Neural and standard voices
Pronounce Acronyms and Abbreviations <sub> Neural and standard voices
Add the Sound of Breathing <amazon:auto-breaths> Standard voices
Newscaster speaking style <amazon:domain name="news"> Select neural voices (Matthew (en-US), Joanna (en-US), Lupe (es-US), and Amy (en-GB)
Add Dynamic Range Compression <amazon:effect name="drc"> Neural and standard voices
Speak Softly <amazon:effect phonation="soft"> Standard voices
Control Timbre <amazon:effect vocal-tract-length> Standard voices
Whisper <amazon: effect name="whispered"> Standard voices

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