SmartTutor 360

Assigning Scores to Questions in SmartTutor 360

SmartTutor 360 supports scoring for correct responses and incorrect responses. You can even use negative point values for incorrect responses to give learners more nuanced scoring.

Understanding Quizzes’ Scoring System

SmartTutor 360 offers two question types:

  • Graded
  • Survey

The Graded type is selected for nearly all question types by default (except for Essay and Rating Scale questions). It helps evaluate the learner’s answer, then gives scores if they answer correctly.

The Survey In case you just want to collect the learner’s feedback or information, let’s select the Survey mode.

When the Graded type is on, SmartTutor allows you to assign scores to each question, or to each answer option of a question separately.

Assigning Scores to a Question

To assign points to a question, enter a number in the Points for a correct answer combo box or select a value from the Points for a correct answer drop-down list. By this way, learners will win that predefined point if they can completely answer the question correctly. Of course, there are no points given unless all correct answer options are selected.

Assigning Partial Scores to a Question

On the other hand, you can set partial scores to a question. It’s the predefined points given for each answer option. Thanks to that, in some cases learners can still get scores even though they can’t find all the correct answers.

To enable the partial score feature, select Partial from the Points for a correct answer drop-down list

Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Hotspot and Select in List

To set partial scores for these questions, do as follows:

  • Enable the partial score feature.
  • Select an answer option/hotspot/dropdown.
  • Navigate to the Properties pane > Quiz tab > Question > Points for a correct answer > select a number from the Points for a correct answer drop-down list or manually type a number into the box.
    Note : Multiple Choice supports positive and negative whole numbers.

Multiple Choice Questions

The score of the Multiple Choice question is the score of the selected answer option.

For example, you set 3 and -3 for each correct and incorrect answer option respectively. If learners select any incorrect option, -3 is the points they get.

Multiple Response Questions

As its name implies, this question type has multiple correct answer options. Therefore, if the selected options include any incorrect ones, learners will get no points. In case all selected answer options are correct ones, the total points they can get is the score of all selected correct options.

Hotspot Questions

The Hotspot question requires learners to identify one or more spots on an image as correct answers. If the Limit the number of hotspots  checkbox is selected, the way SmartTutor calculates the total score is the same as that for Multiple Response questions. Learners will get no score if they define any spot wrongly. In case all selected spots are correct ones, the total points is the score of all correct hotspots.

If the Limit the number of hotspots checkbox is unchecked, the score of a Hotspot question is the score of the selected correct hotspot.

Select in List Questions

A Select in List question allows you to set multiple correct answers. But, you can only select one answer option at a time. After enabling the partial score mode, the Points for a correct answer column will appear next to the Correct one. The default score of each correct answer is 1. You are free to customize it. Note that, you can’t set (minus) scores for the incorrect answers.