SmartTutor 360

Setting Object Styles

Object style is a set of visual attributes, such as color and font. Objects in a project automatically inherit the styles defined in the theme applied to the project.

Customize object styles

  1. Go to View  > Object Styles.
  2. From the list of objects, select the object for which you want to customize the style. Shapes, Gesture Effect, Click Box,  Key Stroke, Edit Box, Drop Box, Button, Checkbox, Radio Button, Slider, Dropdown, Timer Bar, Mouse Path, and Questions. Each object type has its own default object.
  3. Click Close  to save everything and close the view. All newly added objects of the same type in the current project will inherit the alterations

Save Objects to Symbol Package

In case you want to reuse the customized objects for other projects, adding them to Symbol packages.

  1. Add an Object to Canvas
  2. Right-click and choose Add to Symbol , enter symbol name, and click OK  to convert object to symbol in Symbol Panel.

Reset Default Object Settings

If you aren’t satisfied with the changes after customizing, SmartTutor 360 allows you to reset. The app offers you two options:

  • Reset an individual object: click Reset Object Styles in the Objects Settings tab’s toolbar > select Yes on the pop-up dialog. Alternatively, right-click the object > Reset Default Styles.
  • Reset all default object settings: click Reset All Object Settings in the Objects Settings tab’s toolbar > select Yes in the pop-up dialog.

It is easy to work with Object Styles, isn’t it? Give SmartTutor 360 a try to speed up your workflow. Visit our YouTube channel to get more tutorial videos. Have any problems? Feel free to contact us.