SmartTutor 360

Using Multiple Responses

Similar to Multiple Choice questions, Multiple Response questions are widely used to test learners understanding about a certain field or to check their ability to recall information. but unlike multiple-choice questions where there’s only one correct answer, Multiple Response Questions allow learners to select multiple correct options from a list.

Insert a Multiple Choices Question

1. Go to Quiz tab on the ribbon, click New Question and choose Multiple Responses

The question slide has three components:

  • (1) the top text box to add the question title;
  • (2) the answer area with four default answer options;
  • (3) and the Submit button.

Customizing Multiple Response Question

After creating a Multiple Response question, you can customize several of its attributes.

First, click to select Answer are of  Multiple Response question

Layout: by default, Multiple Response question is arranged vertically in 1 column. You can select Layout section in Properties tab -> Size & Properties -> Layout

  • None: This option allows you to resize and reposition answer options freely.
  • Grid: This option arranges answer options in the grid pattern.

Setting Correct Answer

For multiple response question type, you must also indicate which answer is correct—just select the radio button  for the correct response(s). Double click checkbox to set current answer  to correct answer.

To set a score and report for a Multiple Choice question, select the Answer area of the question. Then, go to the Properties pane > Quiz tab > Question Section

Question Type: Select question type of question:

  • Graded: measure learners’ performance
  • Survey: collect learners’ feedback or information

Report Answer: track learners’ results or not. interaction ID: id of interaction objects

Points of a correct answer: set points for correct answers. see this user guide for details.

Number of attempts: set the maximum number of attempts that learners can interact with the question

Shuttle Answer: mix up answer options when the question is presented to learners

Limit time to answer the question: set a time limit that only allows learners to respond to the question in the given period.

Customizing Feedback Layout

SmartTutor automatically adds default feedback layers for Multiple Response questions

Graded Survey
Correct Feedback Complete Feedback
Incorrect Feedback Incomplete Feedback
Try Again Feedback Timeout Feedback
Incomplete Feedback
Timeout Feedback