SmartTutor 360

Adding Form-based Questions

SmartTutor 360 has 13 types of graded and survey questions. They’re form-based, which makes them quick and easy to assemble. (If you’d like more flexibility to create your own interactive questions, see Adding Interactive Questions.)

Step 1: Insert a Question Slide

First, do any of the following to insert a question:

  • Go to Quiz tab on the ribbon, click New Slide and choose 1 in 13 question types.
  • Go to Home or Insert tab on the ribbon, Then, select one of four slide layouts containing question placeholders. Select a question type in the placeholder to insert a question
  • Go to Quiz tab on the ribbon and choose Import Question

After that, the selected question type will appear as a new question slide.

Step 2: Enter Question Text and Answer Choices

When you insert a question slide, it’ll insert 2 input text field. Type your question into the field at the top of the window and the answer choices below it.

Each question type has its own properties so you can refer to them each for more details in the user guides below:

Step 3: Customize Question Properties

After inserting a form-based question, you can customize several of its attributes, including shuffling of answer choices, feedback, branching, score, and number of attempts.


By default, Question type is Graded. To switch to Survey question type. choose Question Type > Survey

If your form-based questions have dropdowns, check boxes or radio buttons, you can format them to match your course design. See these user guides for details:

Working with Dropdowns

Working with Checkboxes

Working with Radio Buttons